Putting the Chic in Chicago


Despite the months that have passed, I find myself (amongst other fellow restless Shanghai returnees) nostalgic for that Chinese city that hooked me. The opportunity to see a friend visiting from there was too good to pass up, so after a large debate on travel modes and a flight booked the night before, we were on our way to Chicago. A Chi-nese reunion in Chi-Town – pretty much paralleled our year away, complete with unpleasant weather, lots of drinks, eating too much, sky high views, and the fetchest of girls.

4 day roundup:  Weight (personal and baggage): significantly stuffed; Number of skillet baked cookies: 1; Number of international calls made to those missed around the world: 4; Amount of pizza eaten: deep dish and then some; Number of Mad Scientist/Mister Frizzle lookalikes: 1 too many; Overall experience: cool beans . Hmm where to next?


Mr Bean
Where’s your head at?
Mirror Image
In flight
Paris is always a good idea :)
DSC_0182 - Copy (2)
Bright lights, big city
Aesthetic correctional unit
Navy Pier
Scared of heights



2 thoughts on “Putting the Chic in Chicago

  1. Super cool post on your trip to Chicago. A friend of mine was just there a few weeks ago, and he loved it.

    One of my goals is to try to capture a shot involving the Bean that nobody has done before. A tall order for sure, but it’s worth a try :)

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