Brb, Heaven

Daming Mountain
The Chinese have a saying “In the sky there’s Heaven, on Earth there’s Hangzhou.” Only an hour away by bullet train from Shanghai, we felt it would be the perfect place for a weekend getaway. Nursing hangovers and operating on very little sleep, we decided against being ambitious in terms of playing tourist. Reading for hours on a dock by the beautiful West Lake, sipping Chinese green tea, and hashing out plans for our future proved to be a better suited option. We had the honour of spending the night and following day with our coordinator’s family. An authentic home-cooked dinner and lounging on the couch afterwards soothed our wanderlust souls and filled me with a warmth brought on by familiarity. The arduous climb up Daming Mountain was beautiful, not to mention a great reminder to my calves that walking up escalators does not count as a workout. I usually buy a postcard in every city I visit as a tangible reminder of where I’ve been. I forgot to in Hangzhou so I’ll share my sentiments with you now: “In Heaven! Wish you were here…”

Slow day – West Lake

A job for everyone – West Lake
Ultimate relaxation – West Lake
A light read – West Lake
Sunset – West Lake
Unattended workstation – Daming Mountain
Thousands of these… – Daming Mountain
Tree on fire – Daming Mountain
Awesome view – Daming Mountain
Suspension – Daming Mountain
Rolling Hills – Daming Mountain
Chinese Western – Daming Mountain
Dragon Boat

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