Gradient of Peaks

Beijing for the National Holiday – soo this is what a billion people look like! Pollution, crowds and a fantastic history, 5 days in Beijing and I fell even more in love with China. We did all the typical touristy things and of course the Great Wall and the Forbidden City were favourites. We practiced our bargaining skills at the silk market where fake goods are a dream come true (we were given the ultimate compliment of being “hard bargainers” by locals). Our culinary experiences included a meal at the most famous Peking Duck restaurant in Beijing (my vegetarian self looked on as friends indulged) and a visit to the Wanfujing Night Market for a little thrill – scorpions and seahorses anyone?

As much as taking pictures of iconic architecture is what helps you to remember your trip and where you’ve been, I found people-watching and random street scenes much more entertaining. My interest in capturing faces was made so much easier in a country that doesn’t know the term camera-shy. The Chinese are ever so polite and only just smile encouragingly when you try to sneak a picture of their child. In response they’ll push their kid towards you and tell him to smile with the waiguoren for the camera. If anything, I was the shy one when it came to photographing faces – it’s a bit new for me, but was intriguing and adds great depth to an album. Below is a mixture of classic sites, street culture, and some of the individuals that stood out to me within the throngs of thousands of people.

Tasty Treats at Wanfujing

Playing Mahjong – Temple of Heaven
Crochet Break – Temple of Heaven
Contemplating – Temple of Heaven
Temple of Heaven

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing – Temple of Heaven
Observing – Echo Wall at the Temple of Heaven
Speaking to Heaven – Centre Stone at the Temple of Heaven
The Barber on the Corner
Beijing Pedicab
Old School
Chairlift to the Great Wall
Amazing View – The Great Wall

Vantage Point – The Great Wall
Steep Climb – The Great Wall
The Great Wall
Daring Individual – The Great Wall

Cutie – The Great Wall
Repping China – The Great Wall
A Bit Shy – The Great Wall
Not Impressed – The Great Wall
Gangsta – The Great Wall
Hanging Out – The Summer Palace
The Summer Palace
Keeping an Eye on Things – The Summer Palace
Lunch Break on the Longest Corridor in the World – The Summer Palace
Unsure – The Summer Palace
Sacred Stairs to the temple – The Summer Palace
Flying Bananas
Prayers at the Lama Temple
Wishing Well
Laughing Buddha
Keeping Us at Bay – The Forbidden City
National Day – The Forbidden City
The only one who smiled for me :)
Gateway to the Forbidden City
The Forbidden City

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