Incredible India

Gateway of India, Mumbai

India is a hard place for me to describe to someone who has never been there. For me, it’s partly home, partly awe-inspiring with every visit. No matter how many times I go, I’m always amazed at the number of people, the incredibly differing architecture and landscape from state to state, and the juxtaposition of modernity and traditionalism. I saw a short video from the 20s of a street scene in Mumbai. While it’s interesting to see how the urban landscape has changed, so much was still the same. Ox carts laden with fresh vegetables still weave in between the cars, while small children (and grown men) pee on the road…

Fond memories of this trip include stopping on the highway somewhere between Bangalore and Mysore for cold, fresh coconut water. Riding the camel cart that is still used to drop off bricks and supplies to construction workers in Jaipur. Partying in laid-back Goa where hippies were drawn to and never left, and where psychedelic music originates from. Seeing thousands of years old architecture from the Mogul empire in New Delhi. And having drinks on a rooftop bar overlooking the lights of Mumbai.

There is far too much to recount every adventure and every story, but I came back feeling refreshed and that much more fulfilled in my thirst for travel. However, seeing as this trip was taken in November 2011, I am ready for my next adventure. Stay tuned for updates – I leave in 3 weeks, will be gone for 10 months, and am far from prepared. Shanghai, here I come!

Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi
Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi
Mogul Architecture, New Delhi
Mogul Architecture, New Delhi
Rice from the rice paddies, Between Bangalore and Mysore
Preparing a coconut for us, Between Bangalore and Mysore
Rest Stop, Between Bangalore and Mysore
Modes of Transportation, Between Bangalore and Mysore
Selling “milk ice”, Mysore
Cleaning Up, Mysore
Tuck Shops, Mysore
Beachy Keen, Goa
Beautiful Goa
Morjim Beach, Goa
Morjim Beach, Goa
Victoria Terminal, Mumbai
Even the pigeons are colourful here
Bazaar finds, Mumbai
Slow day, Mumbai
Juhu Beach Evening Social Scene, Mumbai
Haji Ali, Mumbai
Aer – Rooftop Bar, Mumbai
Chai Stop, Jaipur
Taking a break, Jaipur
The loveliest lady, Jaipur
Chapal Display, Jaipur
Handicrafts, Jaipur
Marketplace, Jaipur
Bangles, Jaipur
Watching a wedding procession, Jaipur
Indian Dance, Jaipur
Preparing for the show, Jaipur
Hand carving every block, Jaipur
Banana Break, Jaipur
Architecture, Jaipur

7 thoughts on “Incredible India

  1. Wonderful post, with great pictures. It brings back good memories of my travels in India.
    Or, as an Indian might would have said (while wobbling his head back and forth):
    I totally sincerely utterly loved this post.

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