Home Sweet Home

Hanging Out – Cambridge, Ont

Not all my photography is travel inspired. Since I’m sadly not on an endless budget that allows me to globe trot at my leisure, I’ve taken shots that are closer to home. In a way it encourages me to be more creative, because the scenes that are seemingly “everyday” get to be framed and shot in ways that would otherwise go unnoticed. These photos are taken with my current SLR, and are snaps from the past year that I’ve had the camera. I tried to capture the essence of each season (not winter for obvious reasons) – the vibrant colours of summer, the dusty warmth of fall, and the fresh coolness of spring

Blue Skies – Georgian Bay
Centre of the World – Georgian Bay
Osprey Nest – Peterborough, Ont
Magnificent Sunset – Peterborough, Ont
Afternoon Snack – Cambridge, Ont
Butterfly Conservatory – Cambridge, Ont
Peekaboo – Waterloo, Ont
Corn Maze – Waterloo, Ont
Warm Fall Sun – Waterloo, Ont
Winery – Niagara, Ont
Cabernet Sauvignon – Niagara, Ont
Abundant Vines – Niagara, Ont
Rest Stop – Niagara, Ont
Fall Vineyard – Niagara, Ont
A New Start – Markham, Ont
Fresh Flowers – Markham, Ont

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