Oh, Porto


Amongst discovering the many riches of Europe, I was also introduced to the infamous Ryan Air, where incredibly cheap airfare is a dream come true.  A spontaneous decision and 24 euros later, I found myself on a flight to Porto, Portugal with 2 fabulous companions. The shining sun and palm trees were such a welcome sight to my Canadian self, but hardly seemed to faze the Californian and Brazilian natives I was with. 2 days of cheap shopping, fantastic local wine and food, views of the Atlantic, and colonial roots were the perfect midterm getaway. If there is one thing that I will always remember about Porto, it will be the tiny restaurant we stumbled upon called Canelas de Coelho. It was possibly one of the best meals I had in Europe, and was made even more amazing because of the great owners who sat with us and chatted about the locally grown foods and regional wines. The sun and the Portugese added warmth to an otherwise chilly November. Obrigada Ryan Air!

Taking flight
Duoro River
Church on a Hill
View of Porto
Classic Streetcar

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